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Welcome to the home of the Footsi highchair footrest and other innovative baby feeding accessories 

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First they sleep (hopefully) and now it’s time to teach your baby to eat...fun and messy times ahead! The first step to a successful food journey is as easy as making sure your baby is comfy in their highchair.

Did you know babies will concentrate for longer periods in the highchair when they are sitting upright and their legs and feet are supported with a footrest...amazing!

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I'm a speech pathologist with paed feeding experience and just used our Footsi, big difference! Main benefit is to use arms & hands properly, kids need trunk support and the only way they can achieve this is with a foot plate. We would struggle to eat with our feet off the floor. Thanks for a great product!


My 11mo already sits better and seems more comfy. I just wish I had one back when by 2.5yo was little! Great idea, thank you xx

Kate T

Great product! We love the footsi! It was very easy to set up — but I definitely recommend properly cleaning the chair before putting the hook on and viewing PMHCs videos on installation as well! They’re very helpful! Also, customer service is amazing!

Britnee Bri'lee

The lack of footrest really bothered me about the Ikea highchair, all the feeding clinics at the hospitals use Stokke chairs for this reason. This product fixes that!

Monica R

Best invention for the Ikea highchair


My 9 month old used to constantly kick his legs up the tray. Now they comfortably rest & he can concentrate on eating.


I am SO impressed. Prior to installing the Footsi my baby would cry and mealtimes were stressful, now there are no more dangling feet, he looks sturdy, comfortable and safe! The length of time he will happily sit has more than tripled which equates to him exploring and trying more foods.


Absolutely LOVE the Footsi! It was delivered super fast and my little one is definitely way more comfortable in her highchair. Such an amazing invention!

Ru Yousif

We absolutely love our Footsi footrest! It was exactly what baby needed and can grow with her. She’s comfortable and the Footsi is sturdy. Great job Pimp My High Chair!

Jennifer Meyer

The footsi is great. When I ordered initially online it arrived super fast within only a few days. My daughter loves hers for both the cute design and having a comfy place to rest her feet. Plus when we had a minor issue, thankfully the company resolved it swiftly and professionally and another was dispatched the same day as I contacted them. Thanks again

Stephanie Keech

I found this just at the right time for my son! He was kicking the tray, bringing his legs up and not eating properly! Within a few days of installing the footsie he had his feet resting on it and would eat so much better and look so mush more comfortable 💕 I can’t recommend this more ! Thanks !

Tia Wolfe

my 7 month old seems happy enough at the moment. but knew at some point a foot rest would be good.
that's when I found pimp my high chair. it works really well and so simple to use.

Kayleigh Sennett


  • Keep your baby comfortable as they grow

  • Comes in a range of colours

  • Give me less fussy meal times

  • We also have a range of matching cushion covers

Keep your baby comfortable as they grow

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Comes in a range of colours

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Give me less fussy meal times

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We also have a range of matching cushion covers

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